About Us

At Alison Radford Designs, we firmly believe in the power of creativity as a unique language that can connect with and inspire different perspectives. Our mission is to open minds and foster a belief in the importance of individuality and authenticity.

Driven by the idea that design has the ability to uplift and bring joy, [Company Name] was born with the aim of offering a fresh perspective to the world. We are dedicated to inspiring authenticity and empowering individuals to embrace and feel confident in who they are and who they aspire to be. Every creation by Ali is crafted with the intention of making others feel good about themselves.

From a young age, Ali has possessed a discerning eye for the extraordinary and a curious, creative mind. Always in search of something special, she combines her degree in Fashion Merchandising, deep understanding of our connection to the natural world, and her Italian-American heritage to bring a taste of her diverse interests to your wardrobe and dining table. Her relentless pursuit of new projects, design challenges, and learning opportunities fuels her mission. Her love for vintage, authentic fashion and jewelry has culminated in her flagship brand, Perspective Jewelry.

Perspective Jewelry is a labor of love, handcrafted with care in Richmond, VA. Each piece is unique, distinctive, and made to inspire joy and happiness. Ali initially started this brand to bring a little something different to her loved ones, especially those who need a reminder of their greatness. Since designing her first piece, "The Kate" necklace, in December 2017, Ali has continued to create an array of elegant necklaces, versatile bracelets, and intricate earrings. With Ali's signature "drop" thoughtfully placed at the closure, each piece is handmade using sustainable materials meticulously curated by Ali. Our jewelry is designed to offer a fresh perspective and make you feel absolutely amazing.

In the words of Ali Radford herself, "If something makes you feel amazing, then wear it and own it!"